Hey there! A lot of you may not know me, and never heard my name. But right now, that's not important. What is important is you! Right now, you think you're all hot 'cause you're in a group home or think that you're doing real time. Well, right now, I'm waiting to do 10 years and I realized too late that I messed my life up. And now I have to wait 10 years in CYA until I can get out and prove that I have changed.

These words were written by a then 15-year old boy in a cell at a juvenile hall in the western United States. He was writing to his friends on Turn On To Teens, a unique computer bulletin board system in Fresno, California. For months, under the name of Small Fry, he'd written and posted messages on the system, corresponding with teens and adults in the community and around the country. He wrote about his life - and the mistakes he'd made. He wrote poetry. And he helped other people.

The reason that I'm in here right now is I though that one more crime wouldn't hurt, and I was wrong. Because my friends were telling me that we wouldn't get caught and that they would take the rap. They said everything was cool and it wasn't. The so-called friends that I HAD are on the outs laughing at me 'cause I'm doing time and THEY'RE NOT.

Small Fry wasn't unique. And he wasn't innocent. But, for the first time in his life, he became part of something bigger than himself - a unique electronic community called Turn On To Teens.

You've probably heard it all before from people that don't know what's going on, but this time, you'll hear how it is!