Faye Tells You About TOTT

Early Monday evening, Ms. Faye comes to your unit, she's got two other guys with her, from another unit, and another adult. She seems real nice, and asks you if you heard anything about TOTT. You shake your head. The four of you leave the unit, and head down the hall to the same classroom that you go to school in during the day. Once there, the other adult brings the two other kids to the computers in the back of the room, and they start up the computers. You, however, sit on a chair opposite "Ms. Faye." She seems nice enough. She hands you three photocopied pages. You look at the first page:

What is T.O.T.T?   T.O.T.T. is a communication program that uses computers. This means you will be writing messages and articles and sending them over the telephone to another computer on the outside.

What`s in it for me? You can make new friends. learn about other people, develop your writing skills, learn more about computers, and talk about issues or problems which you feel are important. You can get support for yourself or encourage others on the system who may talk about a problem or ask a question. You will also write for the T.O.T.T. newsletter.

Can anyone get into T.O.T.T.? No. You need to have good behavior in the unit and counselor approval before you fill out an application. We will interview you and explain the program to you . You will need at least 3 weeks remaining before your release if you are to benefit from the program; if you are accepted - you will remain in the program as long as you are in the hall. There are rules, of course - stuff about behaving and working well with others - things that you've seen before. But there are also some rules you can't quite figure out. One says that everyone in the program must use a handle or code name to protect your identity while you're writing to people on the computer. You look over at the guy who's already on the computer, carefully reading whatever is up on the screen. You're getting more and more interested - if only to find out what this is all about!

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