From a list Ms. Faye hands you, you choose a name. It's not a real name - but a fun name that you think might fit your personality. Other people have chosen names like Moodswings, Outfielder, Storyteller, and Silverblade. Once you've chosen your name, it's time to go online.

One of the TOTT volunteers who works with Ms. Faye helps you get online. You enter your name, and a password, and you're there.

What do I do first? you ask. You're told that you could try typing a message to everyone - just saying hello and telling a little bit about yourself. One of the TOTT volunteers helps you get online, and shows you how to type in a message. You type in just a few lines - a word or two about your hobbies, and maybe the kind of music or TV shows you like - you're not sure what else you can say...and you leave it at that.

As you send the message, you've joined the TOTT world. Over the next several weeks, you'll come back here two or three nights a week. You'll discover, in the words of former TOTTer Yogi, that:

It's just like having a pen-pal. It's like having a thousand of them.


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