What's On TOTT?

On the TOTT Bulletin Board System, there's a wide selection of "discussion" areas, where visitors can post public messages on a variety of topics. Every message is public, except for some of those to or from Ms. Faye, so everyone can be involved. Three of the oldest areas are: There's also a voting area, where anyone can post a question and see how fellow TOTTers feel:

An "Information Center" includes local resources for troubled teens, and a selection of writing from TOTT participants over the past ten years, including Small Fry's cautionary letter to other teens.

TOTT has a simple, easy to navigate design, continuing an approach dating back to it's earliest beginnings in the mid-1980's, when most people didn't know what a modem was, much less a computer bulletin board system. It's easy for a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds to understand and become a part of the on-line community. TOTT's attracted retired military men, social workers, law enforement officers, housewives, high school students, politicians and professionals. Everyone's equal in the TOTT world. The professional, like the juvenile hall participant, uses a "handle," or assumed name, and must follow the TOTT rules of correct behavior, or lose access to the system altogether. TOTT's a level playing field, whether you're 15 or 50.

TOTT is people - an incredible group of people throughout the community - people who would never meet otherwise, working together in a network to support each other, to learn about each other, and to give whatever they can from where they are. It's computer network that allows people from their home, from their job, anywhere in the community to reach out and touch somebody that maybe they would never meet otherwise. A handicapped person can post a message and reach a kid in juvenile hall. The kid in juvenile hall, on the other hand , can reach out and touch a kid who stutters badly in Connecticut and who feels he make a bad first impression in person - but on the computer, no one sees that he stutters. It's an incredible group of people just working together and being friends. They may never meet, but they give so much to each other.
(Faye Johnson)

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