People keep saying that kids are the future...but if we don't do something to help the kids, we're going to have a pretty sad future

(Small Fry)

Where Are They Today?

The TOTT organization didn't survive the funding downturn that faced many small non-profit organizations after the September 11th attacks. TOTT closed up shop in 2002 after years of service to the community.  Under Faye Johnson's direction, it grew after this documentary was produced  into an important community resource, with an Advisory Board consisting of community members active in youth advocacy.  The impact of the organization, of course is intangible, as it rests in the lives of countless boys who found their lives touched by the experience.

Faye Johnson still lives and works  in the Fresno area. 

Small Fry - After serving approximately two years in the California Youth Authority, in a special unit where he received intensive therapy following his suicide attempt, Small Fry was released to his mother. Nearly eighteen, this, perhaps, was the first time since his early teens that he wasn't on drugs, or on the run, or in jail. His readjustment to society, initially, wasn't very successful, but today he and his wife reside happily in a small town in the southwest United States.

Yogi, Small Fry's friend... After his release from juvenile hall as he approached eighteen, he became determined to straighten out his life. He  had settled down to a wife, child and job within three years after release in 1991.

Another former TOTT participant signed onto the TOTT system in January of 1996. At 20, he'd straightened out his life, and even came back for a stint as a TOTT volunteer. Upon his return, he wrote the following letter to Ms. Faye:

General Gab #10032

Dt: 01-29-96 23:22 (Rcvd)
By: Silverbiade
To: Ms. Faye
Re: Thank you! #10036
Hello Ms. Faye, I just wanted to write and say thank you for everything
you have done for me. You gave me hope when i thought there was nothing
left for me. You introduced me to people who also helped me get through
something that I didn't think I could do alone. When you accepted me into T.O.T.T.
I realized that there was hope. My parents were, there for me, but
something about other people who I NEVER met wrote to me giving me confidence
and hope. Never had I had people do that for me. I always had mail, even
if it was just a couple of lines. Those few lines kept me going until I got on
line again. I always looked foward to going and writing those how helped me
keep going on. Now I get to give back what you gave me. I just wanted to thank
you for believeing in me when not many people did. When I first met you,
you were a stranger to me. Well now I consider you a very close friend!
Thank you very much


In latr 2005, he returned once more and signed the guestbook on this website. Return to the Simple Things Main Page and view the guestbook to read his entry.

And What of TOTT today?