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I don't think we could have found anyone else who could have brought "TekTek" to life as creatively as Josh. He's a talented actor, with a good sense of humor, and a sharp mind. This part required a great deal of a young actor, and I'm sure anyone viewing "TekTek" won't be disappointed.

Of all the submissions I was sent for the part of Dean, Mark's photograph practically jumped into my hands. I'd asked for a "nasty nerd" in my casting notice, and his photo and extensive credits suggested he was ideal. When you see him in "TekTek," I think you'll agree that as TekTek's nemisis, he's about as menacing as you can get.

Poor Mom...she's got to put up with her obsessed 13 year-old son, who seems attached to his computer. Cynthia brought to the screen with relish the role of a mother at the end of her rope.

As Dean's co-worker, Deborah provides the closest thing to a friend that TekTek has - though that's not very close at all. She created a persona that, in a few lines, really came alive.

Also Featuring:
Neatsa Foster, Dana Grossberg, Lisa Hayes, Alan Hayes,
Melanie Lovelace, Mick Mishler, Alexander Mott,
Pat Russell, John Russell and Marck Weir

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